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Mental Health Counseling and Life Skills Education
Sarah R. Welton, PhD

Mental Health Counseling and Life Skills Education
Sarah R. Welton, PhD

Consultation is free of charge. Call for an appointment. 

Consultation is free of charge. Call for an appointment. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I endeavor to work with YOU, using YOUR strengths, to help YOU develop solutions, to improve the quality of YOUR life.


Sarah R. Welton has a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology specializing in Organizational Psychology from Northcentral University, a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University, and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Linfield College in Oregon. She is licensed in the State of Alaska as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) since 2000. 


Services Offered



Individual therapy involves assessment of needs through client-centered exploration of thoughts and feelings. Brief and on-going therapy can be entered into for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and life problems. For children, adolescents, and adults expression of thoughts and feelings are facilitated through assessment, talk, play, art and music. 



In couple’s therapy, the focus for counseling is an exploration of relational issues using client centered techniques and interpersonal skills development. Communication, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence are integrated into problem solving and developing a mission statement for the couple.



Family counseling involves several members of the family in the  development of relational skills, setting boundaries, improving communication, and reducing conflict through client-centered techniques designed to improve understanding of emotional and behavioral parameters of the family unit. 

Personal Skill Development



Communication skills is provided in a ten session format to explore the intent of communication, the processing of information, and the ways in which understanding can be improved.  

Anger Management


Anger management is offered as a ten session, skills-based course designed to improve understanding of anger and to reduce the negative impacts of anger through education regarding the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive elements involved in regulation of anger. 

Stress Reduction


Stress management is a comprehensive course exploring the physiological, social, emotional, cognitive, occupational, and spiritual aspects of stress. Education and skills development are components of the course. Practice will be provided in breathing techniques, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises.

Other Services


Forgiveness is a process that takes time. The therapy involved is an in depth commitment to work on the emotional hurt. This service is offered as a part of regular counseling and may include skills but is mostly insight oriented. Education in the physiological, social, emotional and cognitive aspects will be part of the treatment. 

Grief and Loss

The process for grief and loss involves an in-depth look at the pain of loss and the components of healthy grieving.  Insight into the event or events, death and dying, divorce, job loss, or other types of losses may be explored.  The individual's needs and  the personal journey through the loss are aspects of counseling.

Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety reduction is provided as counseling and skills development depending on the client’s desires to reduce symptoms of anxiety and the exploration of techniques.  Skills and insight oriented therapy are integrated into the counseling process.

Workshops and Presentations

Managing Your Life

Seminars for 5 to 20 people  to develop a life plan and work toward making meaning out of life. This can be an all day session at a conference or a 90 minute presentation for beginning work on developing a mission statement for life. 

Professional Development

Consultation services, presentations, and facilitation of a variety of topics for organizations are additional services offered through Alpha Counseling.  Subjects include: conflict resolution, communication skills, stress reduction for businesses, and beginning processes for self evaluations.

Professional Presentations

Dr. Welton provides presentations for civic and church groups on a variety of topics including:

Identity Theories

Moral Identity

Social Emotional Intelligence

Ideology versus Science

Mission Statements for Living

Christianity and Social Justice



Consultation is free. 

Please contact for more information regarding fees and services.

 Some evening and weekend appointments are available. 

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